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"[Tonight] ... Mr. Brett will appear as an evil, two-timing art dealer in the four-hour NBC mini-series 'Deceptions,' starring Stefanie Powers in the dual role of identical twins - one a bored New Jersey housewife, the other a European jet-setter - who decide to trade places for a week. The romantic drama, based on Judith Michael's best-selling novel, also stars Barry Bostwick, Brenda Vacarro and Gina Lollobrigida. It was filmed in England and Italy.

The part of the art dealer, named Bryan Foxworth, is not a large one, but as Mr. Brett sees it, 'it's the most complex part. Bryan is enormously bright and alive and stylish and happy, and he's also homosexual which made him harder to play, because the gay community has been so shattered by AIDS. So, I took it on with a much greater sense of responsibility. Before, I might have been tempted to camp it up, but instead, I decided to play him with an enormous zest for life. At the same time, the deceptive side of him is thrilling: He is a lethal murderer trafficking in drugs, a monster'."

The glamorous Italian countess invites the twins to celebrate their birthday at her annual Carnival of Venice gala.




Doll photos ©2001 Linda Patterson.
Television photos from NBC's Deceptions, 1985.