Jeremy Brett as Macbeth
Painting by Gretchen Slawinski


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"The part of the art dealer, named Brian Foxworth, is not a large one, but as Mr. Brett sees it, 'it's the most complex part. Bryan is enormously bright and alive and stylish and happy, and he's also homosexual which made him harder to play ...'"
     - New York Times, May 26, 1985

The Three Musketeers

"The atmosphere [of the night] was that of high class Green Room Rag, with Jeremy Brett parodying his own d'Artagnan..."
     - London Times, March 1, 1969: Theatre review of "Macrune's Guevara" by Irving Wardle: Experiment and expansion

Sherlock Holmes in "The Blue Carbuncle"

[After being made up for "Sherlock Holmes"] "... And then you have to spend the rest of the day walking around looking a damaged penguin, or an undertaker. No one will have lunch with you, you look so gloomy."
     - The Interview: "Jeremy Brett": Boston Globe Magazine, December 8, 1991


"So I play this man who's gone out of control ... because he's got this girl under his skin. He's 500 years old and he's become a love-sick child."
     - Jeremy Brett, Chicago Tribune, February 16, 1979

My Fair Lady

"... Brett's Hollywood experience in the 'tiddly' part of Freddie ..."
     - San Francisco Chronicle, January 10, 1979

On Approval

Everyone does it now - no one did it then.

War and Peace

"'I was whisked off from Manchester to Rome and lived in a fantasy world for six months,' [Brett] says. 'At the end of the film there was talk of taking me to Hollywood to groom me to be a star.'"
     - The Television Sherlock Holmes, Third revised edition, 1994

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