"I'm happy to be counted as one of Jeremy's friends ... for indeed I loved him, too!

He was a prince ... sometimes a princess, but always among the crowned heads of theater and film!

Among his sterling performances was one of his best roles ... that of friend ... he was my cheerleader and I miss him more than I can say.

Good night ... and goodbye, my prince!"

Stefanie Powers from Scarlet Street, No. 21, Winter 1996


"Mr. Brett said another reason he took the part [in "Deceptions"] was his fondness for Miss Powers, whom he met when he did a guest role on her former television series 'Hart to Hart.'

'Stefanie's my angel,' he said, 'and the part also gave me the chance to appear in modern dress. It's very rare for me to be in something set in 1985. In fact, I rarely get past 1930.'"

NY Times, May 26, 1985

From Sherlock to Modern Villain
by Judy Klemesrud
NY Times, May 26, 1985

"Last year, the tall, debonair British actor who seemed to be getting most of the attention - and most of the roles - on both sides of the Atlantic was Jeremy Irons. This year, it's Jeremy Brett.

The 49-year-old classically trained actor has shown his versatility in recent weeks as Sherlock Holmes on public television, as the romantic lead in 'Aren't We All?' on Broadway, as Jaclyn Smith's father in the NBC movie "Florence Nightengale" and as the off-stage narrator in Martha Graham's recent ballet, 'Song.'"




Doll photos ©2001 Linda Patterson.
Television photos from NBC's Deceptions, 1985.