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"His grandmother was a little touched."
TV VIEW, continued
All four, of course, wind up at Maria's Scottish digs for Act II. It quickly becomes apparent that both Maria and George, who loathe each other, are equally selfish and unutterably spoiled. When the servants walk out, unable to cope with Maria's imperious ways, Helen and Richard are reduced to flunkies. Before the final curtain, the tables are turned several times as, among other things, Helen discovers that George is "a living illustration of the puerility of bringing a stupid man into this world with a title." Maria, needless to say, couldn't agree more, confiding that "you know his grandmother was a little touched."

Richard tells Maria "you force me to reveal I've known all along where {the key to the liquor cabinet} has been hidden."
George proposes to Helen... ... who turns him down.

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Color photos ©2000 Linda Patterson.
Black and white photos from "On Approval," Mobil Masterpiece Theatre, Presented by WGBH Boston.